Buttoned Autumn

Dive into the valley of blossoms

Eternal Flow

Eternal Flow is World of RA’s painting of grace. We bring the colours of flow and fabrics of comfort. Flowers and fabrics share the sense of touch, the ethereal feel of clouds on one’s fingertips. A blooming flower imprints comfort on the hands, same as the gentle cotton’s woven relaxation.

New Arrivals

These pastels are imprinted on our fabrics, ripe and at ease. Here, a fragrant time passes by. And the eternity of remembered beauty holds it. World of RA savoured the comfort of garments. Each immersed with the flow of time, captured forever.

Surrender to comfort embrace the sea

Petal Sage

New Arrivals

Petal Sage is cotton immersed floral experience by World of RA. We understood the peace and quiet of valleys lush with flowers; and the vivid memory they carry. So, we let the colours of pintucks and those flowers come together for an escape from the time of yesterday.

One of bask, one that is a harbour. The corals and prints of life, for you to carry. World of RA invites you to a time of solitude and luxury. In each garment, come find serenity.

Marigold Knot

Like a fable,
As eternal as time
Wildflowers bestow strength in me.
A seed and earth,
Bloom free and wide.
Above rocks and valleys
Above time.
Sow’d in world far and wide
This fable grows,
As old as time